How To Wash Slippers? | Here’s Everything You Need To Know About

Slippers are used for comfort and luxury, and they are a great source of relaxation, but like all the other fabrics and materials, they also get dirty if you want to use them for a long time. You have to wash them. Cleaning Mens Leather Slippers  are very necessary because dirty slippers can create odor and cause infection in the feet. There are many types of slippers, and all of them have their way of washing them. Also, the need to w ash the slippers depends upon their usage, such as if you use them outside the home or without socks, they need to be cleaned more often.

Washing the Slippers

There are many types of slippers, such as leather slippers, sheepskin slippers, fabric slippers, etc. All of them have their own method of cleaning. Well, here in this article we will analyze the process of washing each slipper separately. Isn’t it exciting?

Cotton/Fabric Slipper

These are the most common types of slippers available in the market. You will need a bucket, brush, wipe tissues, soft cloth, fabric soap, and clothes.

First, remove the visible dirt and debris with the brush. Now clean the bottom of the slipper with the wet tissues. You can also use a small amount of soap, but make sure that it does not spread.

Now that you have cleaned all the visible dirt, place them in the bucket filled with cold water and add soap. Gently wash the outer surface with the brush or clothes. You can also leave them in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. It is better to use lukewarm water if there is too much smell. Now take it out, rinse it with fresh water, and dry it with tissues. Place the clothes in it and leave them to dry to retain their original shape after drying.

Sheepskin Slipper

To clean the sheepskin slipper, extra care is required. You do not want to destroy the soft feel and comfortable touch, so you have to keep gentle with it. You have to gather a bucket, sponge, vacuum some dry clothes, tissues, corn starch, leather conditioner, and wool detergent to wash them.

First, vacuum out all of the visible dirt from the inside of the slipper with a vacuum cleaner. Now spread the corn starch on the visible stains of food or grease. The best time to do it is when the stain is fresh. Corn starch absorbs the oil or food. After doing it, clean the sole with dry and wet tissues, place it in water and add wool detergent. Gently clean it or leave it there for 10 to 15 minutes.

At last, wash it with water to get rid of any detergent left. Now place it under the dry place to cool and place some clothes in it, so the shape does not get distorted. Lastly, apply some leather conditioner to make it shine like new.

Leather Slipper

Leather slippers are not some ordinary slippers, and washing them like the others might cause them to discolor or degrade. That is why no detergent or chemical is recommended. You can use dry or wet tissue to clean any visible dirt. The best way to clean them is using a Magic Eraser that can clean pretty much anything. You can purchase them online or from any store.


Thus after reading this article, you can surely get pretty much information about How to wash slippers ? And the easiest and most convenient ways to wash and clean your favorite slippers.

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